Thursday, 19 July 2012

Payza Testimonials | Should I use Payza?

What do Clients Think About Payza?

Hi Payza,
First of all I would like to thank you a lot for crediting my money on my account. I made a mistake for sending it to a third party but I followed your instructions, that's why everything is well now.
To all of you guys having a problem here in Payza, just wait and have patience but don't forget to have constant communication with them. Payza is resolving every issue here. Number 1 lesson learned here is to never make a bank wire to a third party or else you will get into trouble just like me. But if things happen, Payza will absolutely correct that problem but they are facing a lot of work loads on support that's why it will take some time to resolve it. But believe me every issue here will be resolved.
By the way Payza, can you give compensation or salary increase to your employee Marco? He's doing his job well under pressured work.
Thanks again Payza,
-Ryan J.

I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me. I really appreciate it.
Kind regards,

Payza has been rock solid for me. Any issues that arise they handle in a fair and efficient manner. So far the service has been exceptional. I can’t wait till more people start to use Payza.
- Baja A.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a great job you do. You’re a lot faster than many of the others I've used… PLEASE take a moment and tell everyone that someone out there thinks you guys are great!
-Mike M., U.S.A.

Thank you so much for all your help, speed and professionalism. Previously I have used [top competitor] and had some dreadful experiences with them, no doubt thousands also have. You and your company have been head and shoulders above them and I will thoroughly recommend you to everyone I know. Keep up the superb work.
-Tom F.

I am extremely satisfied with your services! Don’t change a thing!
-Jim O., 15 June 2012

I have used Payza, though for one or two transactions, and it is the most attractive looking, easiest to use site and I would be happy promoting it to others.
-Mike G.

I run a business in Germany, and Payza has the best Developer’s Center that I’ve seen with any payment processor. The tools are so versatile that I could set up my website with Payza however I wanted. I even get payment notifications forwarded to my phone.
-Dmitri C., Germany

Finally there is someone who can compete with [top competitor] without all the hassle. I urge both businesses and consumers alike to try Payza – they have excellent customer service and are a great solution to your [top competitor] issues.
-Karlis E.

Payza is my #1 favorite payment processor. I am thrilled with the service and how easy it is to use. I've been a member for years and if I have trouble figuring something out, I've always been able to find the answer in your FAQ. I am very impressed and recommend you as a payment processor to everyone.
-Paula I.

Payza is the safest way to shop online. Thanks for letting me shop without having to worry about scammers.
-Jennie L., Australia

I'm surprised something so good is free! I can tell you that Payza is fantastic to use. It is incredibly flexible and powerful, allowing you to expand your business in many different ways and providing you with multiple opportunities. I have been using Payza for more than 3 years and during this time I have never experienced any problems. They just amaze me time and again with their features, support and dedication. One of the best features that Payza has to offer is their Prepaid Card. Their credit card withdrawal option is also excellent compared to other online payment processors. Thank you so much for making our business easy.
-Talha S., Pakistan

I’ve tried all the others, and Payza is far and away the best way to make payouts. The Mass Pay feature is so simple and user friendly, I can pay all my freelancers out of the country. I don’t know why [top competitor] and the others make it such a headache, but Payza is definitely the way to go for payouts.
-Benjamin W., Canada

I'm a programmer and have been for over 10 years. I just wanted to say that Payza's system is just unbelievably easy and friendly to use. I love it! I wish I had known about Payza earlier!
-Larry D.

I've been extremely pleased with the quality of service provided by Payza. In every area of their operation, they pay keen attention to the customer's needs. They are not only useful and efficient but highly secure. I would recommend Payza without hesitation!

I find Payza is the most convenient method of global payments. Kudos to Payza!
-Guruprasad P., India

Payza has been a very positive experience for me. I really like the support part. I live in the Faroe Islands, only 49,000 people live here, so it’s very common that the Faroe Islands are not supported on the Internet, and often don’t even exist. Then I noticed that Payza was going to expand their banking support to Europe and some other Scandinavian countries. Then I did hurry up and told them that the Faroe Islands uses the same banking system as Denmark does, because it’s the same country in a way, just self-governed. Then I got a reply from Payza that they would include Faroe Islands. It’s so nice to know that you can have an impact on an ongoing process.
-Stefan B.

I can’t believe how easy the e-wallet is! I put my money in, and right away, it’s there! I can use it whenever I want!
-Bhavya H., India

Only with Payza I can send my money to my family in Ghana! [Top competitor] is not working in Ghana! Thanks Payza.
-Nana Z. 
I love your referral program. I can make money for telling people about Payza, it’s the best thing for everybody!
-Ali K., India

[Top competitor] locked my account. But now, I’m glad they did, because I wouldn’t have found out about Payza. It’s not as big, but it’s so much better! Now I can run my business thanks to Payza, and hopefully get a lot more people to use it!
-Diego V., Venezuela

 [The Prepaid Card] will be ordered by most of your customers, if not all of them. It will be a great addition to your services, and place you way above [top competitor] and other e-wallets.
-Bogdan G., Romania, 5 June 2012

Thank god I used Payza. I had a big problem with a store I bought a computer from. The computer never came! But Payza got my money back. I would have lost all my money if it weren’t for you! Thanks again Payza.
-Steve C., Shanghai

Payza is the most honest cheapest business online today! I have been with them for some time and they are great! Great job Payza. I'll never use another processor as long as you're around.
-Tracy H.

Payza has the most reliable load options. With credit cards and local bank transfers I never have to worry about losing service.
-Darren B., Ireland

[Top competitor] don’t care about Bangladesh. Payza cares about us! They came here and I met [Payza employee] and he told me that Payza is going to help open Bangladesh to the world. Now we can work and make money. Too bad [top competitor], Payza wins!
-Peter S., Bangladesh

I would like to give a big praise to Payza. Made another withdrawal from Payza to my bank. I have never seen such a speed! In the next day money was in my bank! Huge thanks to you! Happy customer.
- Doris P., 02 June 2012

Thanks for working for us Payza. More people need to know about Payza since [top competitor] doesn’t want to work in South America. But you’re the best for us here!
-Jose Z., Paraguay 
Thanks a lot for your personal effort to help me. A personal thanks to [Payza employee] and [Payza employee] for solving the issue. Regards.
Richards H., 25 May 12

Having used Payza for several months, I recently experienced an unexpected problem in receiving an order. The company refunded my money completely and the quick process made me realize and appreciate a reputable company like Payza and its fantastic and secure means of processing payments. Thank you for a great online website!
-Harold M., U.S.A.

When I called Payza, [Payza employee] fixed my problem right away. I couldn’t use my account because I changed my computer but they just wanted to know that I was really me, and then everything was working fine! Thanks.
-Samantha E., U.S.A.

Hello. The money is in my account. I know you made an effort to turn my cash available shortly, and I just want to thank you.
Dina S., 24 May 2012

I've only been with Payza one day and I already love it. Super easy to set up, and fantastic customer support! The customer support agent knew exactly what I needed, and directed me to the solution I sought. None of the headaches that I encountered with an unnamed competitor. I'm glad that I was directed to Payza, and look forward to a long relationship with this company.
-Sye Ten B.

Thanks for supporting Litas. It’s hard for Lithuanians not to use the Euro, but you’re making it a little easier.
-Antanas I., Lithuania

Thanks Payza, I'm happy to be a customer.
-David, 22 May 2012

It feels good to be part of Payza.
-Polite M., 22 May 2012

I’m so happy that you have mobile support now. Transferring money has never been easier. Now I need to get more people to use it!
-Enrico M., Argentina

I have the Payza Prepaid Visa Card and I made a withdraw to it and it loaded in less than 24 hrs and I also purchased something from Amazon and it worked there as well, and I even purchased something on Facebook and it worked! I can also buy anything with it anywhere Visa is accepted and I can withdraw my money to cash from any ATM that accepts Visa! It is good and I highly recommend it :)
-Misstake S., Saudi Arabia, 16 May 2012

Thanks Payza ,you are great. I’m getting my dollar after 3 days after transfer to my South Africa bank account.
-Bhekie M., South Africa, 11 June 2012

You make our online payment easy, and safe. You are most welcome. So from now I can do most of my online shopping with its Safe Online Shopping.
-Mark, 31 May 2012

You are the best pay processor for me, I’m never going to change, I love Payza forever! I just want to say I love Payza, good job Payza you are doing a great job, now I can see progress and organization faster attending our members and resolve issues, congratulations to you all and continue like you are at this time, best regards.
Marco M., 30 May 2012

A good upcoming payment source, watch out [top competitor]! This system has a wonderful future! Would be great if you could send money (Withdraw Funds) at once on your Visa card, rest everything is wonderful! With respect.
-Acheiver, 30 May 2012

Wow .... Great!!!!!! Simply the best service you can get!! No doubt ;) keep up the good work...... It’s MAGIC!!! It’s invincible!!! ... Like my deposit made of 150 Euros 1 month ago.
-Rui S., Portugal, 22 May 2012

It makes us able to do online shopping. I am from Bangladesh, and recently Payza came in our country. So now we are now able to do online shopping. It makes our online payment easy, and safe. Today I just buy a domain name from Thanks for coming in our country and you are most welcome.
-Hima, 21 May 2012

I love Payza more than the money I receive. Hello guys, I really like Payza. It is really great the more best this because the first company that provide Prepaid Visa card to worldwide. Yes it’s really great I get one it really pretty card I can take only picture with my card without using it ;).
- Alex, 15 May 2012

Thank you Payza :) So it is to Praise Payza that yes I trust you guys you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for all the support.
Imran D., 19 March 2012

Thank you very much!
Pedro S., 15 March 2012

Extra-Ordinary Help: Excellent.
Bhanwar Singh R., 10 March 2012

I like your seriousness Payza and really love to work for this company in the future. Thanks.
Baou A., 22 December 2011

Only 2 -3 business days with bank wire withdrawal to Thailand.:) I just received the money yesterday, now I can see that bank wire withdrawal is only 2 - 3 days. Thank you. Payza is still great!
Poor G., 14 December 2011

I have used Payza a few times and have never had a problem. I think it is great if you can cash out your account to a pre-paid card or bank account because it did take kind of a long time to receive my check by mail to the US. Other than that everything went very smoothly and I like it a whole lot better than [top competitor]. [top competitor] Sucks! Switch to Payza!
-Frank C.

The Payza Prepaid is awesome, you don’t have to pay a bank fee.
-Petronella H., South Africa, 4 June 2012

When will you guys open a branch in Africa, especially Ghana? We really need you people here for easy and fast transactions.
-Christian A., Ghana, 4 June 2012

Payza. Come to Belarus. We don’t have [top competitor] but everybody says Payza is better.
-llusha K., Belarus

I love my prepaid card, thanks Payza.
-Anonymous, 02 June 2012

Please let me know when I can use Payza in Lebanon. They have it in Bangladesh now and we really need it here! [Top competitor] doesn’t work here either – but we don’t want it!
-Sean B., Lebanon

I really like Payza! It is of a great use especially in Africa where [top competitor] don't work!
-Support Aid for the Oppressed Workers(Safows), Uganda, 24 May 2012

I can’t believe sending money is free. You’re the cheapest and the best.
-Luca W., Poland

Payza is great. Very good service, I like payza.
- Mehnaaz R., Pakistan, 24 May 2012